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The 2nd issue of the Candy magazine was dated January 28th, 1967. Thunderbirds strip rest to be added Thunderbirds Wiki Explore Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Interactive Maps Recent Blog Posts Popular pages. 'Labas kaming lahat sa issues ni Vanessa.' (via Cosmopolitan Philippines) Candy Magazine. Today at 10:45 PM. Step 1 - Collect Magazine Pictures That You Like. I knew that the humming bird was going to be a focus of the piece but since her wings got cut off I knew I needed to find a way to extend them. I used the makeup schmears to do the ends of her wings. I also found another flower just like this one. An Unexpected Stowaway. By M.D. Smith. We vacationed in Homosassa, Fla., for many years. It was a 13-hour drive from Birmingham, Ala., in 1953. Even when I was 13 and my sister, Anita, was 8, we could not help but pester each other and keep asking when we'd get there. Old Homosassa was a fishing village on the Homosassa River.
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